Hyaluid is a topical fluid of biological compounds focused on rebooting functions and refilling molecules that declines with age to restore and preserve a young skin anatomy

Rp 300.000

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Youth restoration

Mechanism: Structural & subcutaneous fat support

Hydration, protein and fat distribution deteriorates with age, resulting in signs of aging. Hyaluid administers triterpenoids to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and multiply the number of cells that produce them (fibroblast proliferation) Along with the delivery of Hyaluronic Acid in 8 molecular sizes and saccharides attracts moisture and swells up into a filler-like gel, cushioning multiple skin layers with hydration—Hyaluid reduces the intensity of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Similar to exercising, Hyaluid induces Lipolysis, a process that metabolize excess fat deposits discernible as jowls, malar fat pad and eye bags—reestablishing contours and a sculpted, youthful appearance.

Youth preservation

Mechanism: Oxidation & muscular activity management

Premature aging is primarily propelled by oxidative stress (free radical damage) & repeated muscular contractions. Hyaluid immunize skin cells from free radical damage with a stable form of Vitamin C—reducing cell death and the breakdown of collagen. Often unaddressed, repeated contraction of facial muscles physically create and deepens fine lines, wrinkles and folds. Hyaluid prescribes a topical version of botulinum toxin to reduce the intensity of muscle contractions daily by limiting excess acetylcholine (muscle contraction nuerotransmitter) production, reducing muscle mass and rate of wrinkle magnification—together, decelerating aging speed.

Weight 300 g